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Sam Born Sprinkles is driven to deliver the very best quality products to the baking industry.


QUALITY INGREDIENTS : Premium quality ingredients are selected and used in the production process of Sam Born Sprinkles. Constant monitoring and sourcing of exceptional ingredients is crucial to allow the production line to operate smoothly.  Sophisticated systems are employed to meet and achieve an economical and cost effective product range. 

SUPERIOR TEXTURE AND SHINE: Our manufacturing process utilises our own specially customised equipment to ensure final quality exceeds internationally accepted standards. Final polishing ensures that Sam Born Sprinkles enhances baker's and caterer's final products to supporty premium prices and profit margins.

INNOVATIVE CREATIVE PROCESSES: Our specialised baker's technical expertise and confectioner's prowess work together with the highest quality ingredients in creating  innovative products for the Baking industry. Local  engineering skills, home grown produce and formulas capture the very essence of exciting products that are now being exported throughout Africa and the World.

SUPERIOR SERVICE DELIVERY: Sam Born Sprinkles is the brainchild of one of South Africa's renowned bakery technologists, whose mission and passion  is constantly developing and providing innovative products and solutions for the Baking industry. The dedicated team of individuals has been trained to maintain the excellent service delivery and reputation of Sam Born Sprinkles. 

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